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Enough already

Long rambling heartfelt post because one thing leads to another. Peace.

Take the us of a, founded by europeans fleeing persecution, starvation, overpopulating etc, who helped themselves to what wasn’t theirs with violence, forcing their ways and views on locals the world over, sure have a short memory concerning their own roots.
Every day I am astounded how intolerant and racist the world has become. Some would argue it’s always been this way and that may be true but now it is openly flaunted, along with a lack of compassion that leaves me lost for words.

Look at our history how we have treated each other throughout history and our planet! If I was an alien considering contact I’d stay well clear of this place. We’re intolerant where it does not matter (race, skin colour, gender issues, religion), and instead of where it should matter (profit before health and people; violations of beings rights).

st,small,215x235-pad,210x230,f8f8f8.lite-1u1ENOUGH DAMN IT! Find that common sense and compassion within, Start NOW and accept nothing less. Vote with your feet. If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others. If you enjoy seeing others suffer and take pleasure in upsetting others – do me a favor and remove yourself from my friends list on social media. You see if you don’t care I don’t care – I’m fine with being hated for who I am rather than tolerated for what you think I am. I’m not light and fluffy and if you can’t hack all of me…

I’m tired of poison in the food chain – who the f*ck thought putting [fill in the blank] into something made for consumption was a good idea? I’m tired of those in female bodies being treated like objects and second class citizens, having laws and their bodies imposed upon. No more men making laws about female bodies.
Tired of little boys being told not to cry and man up. Tired of parents who perpetuate this pink for girls and blue for boys. (As if your genitals determine who you are), “boys will be boys” and “good girls…” teach compassion and consideration all round (and I won’t add a please). We talk about teen pregnancies (because that’s what religion have done for aeons, probably originally with good intent but it’s been lost along the way) and shame girls instead of the men who impregnate them.
I’m tired of people’s idea that skin colour somehow has anything at all to do with your value as a human being. It does not compute darn it! My heart breaks for friends living in fear for their lives, their jobs, their homes because they love a person of the same sex. Love is love damn it, we all want it, we all need it, and it is sacred so TREASURE IT where and however you find it!

If those who should be working for us are not doing their job but only lining their pockets GET RID OF THEM. There are plenty of responsible and moral folks out there who’d do a better job for a lot less. Public servants are just that, meant to serve the public. You are not their toys and provider of a cushty life. They are CIVIL SERVANTS working FOR YOU – hold them to it.
Don’t hold people to different standards. If you’d be fired for it…don’t stand by and see another promoted for disagreeable actions. That’s not plucky and resourceful – it’s courting trouble.
And while I’m at it implement universal health care, and change the school curriculum’s to fit a new world by teaching students to think instead of just memorize, being compassionate instead of grab and bully, and whatever other life skills they may not have had the chance to learn elsewhere etc. To be builders of a new world and not just same sized bricks for someone else’s.

Put an end to the throwaway society and that includes people, use up and replace is not ok. Stop dumping garbage and toxins at sea, telling us lies about what is good for us and what is not. Scrap the ridiculous laws surrounding the growing of industrial hemp (which helps the planet) and the medicinal plant cannabis. Put some reigns on consumerism, learn to repair instead of throwaway, just because you can buy cheaper what is made in a sweatshop somewhere out of sight doesn’t make it right. Remember how workers have striked, been killed or died for the right to decent working conditions and wages? EVERYONE deserves that, even the people you can not see. Think quality not quantity.

Stop creating conditions that turns people into refugees fleeing for their lives. Nobody wants to flee – most of us want pretty similar same things in life, even tho they come in a myriad of ways and shapes. And THAT’S OK. ABUSE IS NOT. People kill and are killed because their concept of God differs from each other, because of who they choose to love. 

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 15-52-18There are plenty of alternatives to crude oil so START IMPLEMENTING THEM!
There are inventions for recycling plastic into oil (Japan), asphalt (UK), and a teenager came up with a way to hoover up the great garbage patch.  What are we waiting for??
Who the hell thought fracking was a good idea??? Put that money to good use building solar farms creating shade in the heat, cover roofs with it, use wind power where it suits, make oil and plastic out of renewable sources like plants, and LOOK AFTER THE BEES – if the bees disappear we’re screwed, we need them just like we need clean air and water to live.

Think further than your nose and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Be the best you you can be.

Follow the money – and let’s drain it to where it can nourish the planet and not just a few hoarders.

I’m out of coffee, in need of sustenance but I might add something more later, who knows.

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