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Birthday weekend special offer!


Because it’s my birthday this weekend YOU get the presents! All weekend my book The Spirit of Flying is $0.99 as an ebook on Amazon. And as Amazon have not found a way to pay me  it’s going to charity, to The Cats House on the Kings. Here’s the link for the USA but it’s available on ALL their sites.…/…/
If you like it please leave an honest review.
And if you are on facebook head over to my writers page and check that too:


Phineas the thumb-cat inspects the very first copy of the bookbook!

Red’ed, Rojito update

Red is doing very well, he’s got his appetite back (and then some!) but he is still very skinny. I guess putting some meat back on the bones needs to happen slowly rather than fat.IMG_20160420_171125

He’s such a writer’s cat: he sleeps when I work and only ever interrupts if I’m late with their dinner.


Being greeted with his sweet little face (and Milou and Tabita) in the morning reminds me that every day together is a bonus, a gift of allowing us to love them.

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