Catpaws Cafe

Random musings from my virtual fountain pen

Welcome to my virtual cafe!

No worries about health & safety restrictions or opening hours…  Grab a cuppa of your choice and relax with one of my random musings about the weird and wonderful.

I’m a very introverted, highly sensitive, child-free, writer, mystic, artist, crafty person. A nomadic walker between worlds now living in Mexico with my husband and our cats.

I love flying, reading, inter-dimensional stuff, and of course cats. I also have a fascination with clouds, the 1940’s, and watching the sky at night…  I get homesick watching StarTrek.

I write for my own entertainment, and reading this is your choice.

For something else to read in the Café check out my book THE SPIRIT OF FLYING!


Available from

(and also Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

And now there’s a podcast too, CatpawsCafe,

More information here:

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my virtual cafe!

  1. Mr Midnight on said:

    I love to sit in your cafe and muse with you!

  2. Catpaw on said:

    Welcome! Musing is positively encouraged here 🙂

  3. Quimby Rick on said:

    I just found my way, into the caffe. I will load up on joe, and read me some verbiage. thanks

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