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Solstice and 2020

We don’t celebrate xmas, haven’t for many years. This year we’re not even doing anything for the Solstice. Hubby’s got his works do this evening, and I’ve been sick for a month (spent in bed) and energy is at a premium, so no big clean, no special dinner.
Bought two red candles for my yet-to-be new shrine the other day and right now they are sitting each side of my computer. I mopped the floor and put a new string of Buddhist prayer flags my sistar gave me ages ago up yesterday and hung a wreath of tinsel across the computer and one by the faery lights – decorating done.
I’ll make fresh apple sauce to go with my yoghurt later, and perhaps try my hand at making shortbread since I can’t find it here except in a big 2.1kg box. I wanted like…a dozen?
I’m the grinch who wishes the festive season was over already, I sick of parties competing who can play the loudest samey and monotonous music and go on for the longest; random fireworks or really just bangers. For everyone in the tourist industry work trucks on as normal, no extra days off and no double pay, just more work and longer days. So yeah, roll on January, I’ve had enough of 2019.
Merry whatever you’re celebrating and a happier new calendar year

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