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Question Everything!

I’d had one of my rants journalling, about people waking up and living consciously. Something along the lines of not everybody knows there’s more to life! Not everyone has time to meditate, has access to books or are inclined to read; time and funds to attend lectures (online or in person); not everyone encounters someone who inspires them to wake up and look at their lives in a different way.

My non-corporeal team countered with this. As soon as you are physically asleep, humans are all equal. Same access to everything that is normally beyond purely 3d existence. So know that you choose to stay asleep or not, the same way that you perhaps choose to watch tv day after day. It is self hypnosis. Yes there are others who are interested in keeping humanity asleep, keeping humans from questioning their beliefs and existence. Question Everything!
There is nothing wrong with choosing to stay asleep. It is simply a choice.

– But a lot of people don’t even know there is more to life!

– How do you know that?

– They don’t know they are being duped, that the tv is hypnotizing them out of self and motivation.

– We repeat; every night when you fall asleep, you are all equal, with the same access to other dimensions. Also, in this day and age there are more possibilities than ever before for people who want to and choose to self-educate. Maybe not formally, but with your internet and libraries before that. People choose what to watch, be that blockbuster movies or clips of animals doing funny things. They could just as easily watch movies about whatever they wish to learn about. Only they choose not to. Not everyone has access to computers, true, but everyone has access to their own soul and it’s infinite wisdom. Don’t forget, that soul intentionally chose to be born into that particular set of circumstances for it’s own reasons.

– I know, I know. I just have this thing and I feel it so deep in my soul and I always have, that some fundamentals should be freely accessible to all. Then you can talk about freedom to choose… Access to free health-care, affordable good quality food. Not those f*cked with ”food-products” that fills the shelves of most shops, packed with chemicals and other unhealthy substances. It’s a part-time job to just keep up with what new bastardisations gets added to what was perfect before human greed got their mitts on it. To have a safe place to sleep and a roof over their head. Such basics should be available free to everyone.

– That is your belief and you can keep holding that vision if you so wish. However, just because that is what you desire for humanity, does not mean all souls would agree with it.
There is still far too much fear in this world and a permeating belief that there’s not enough for everyone. Deal with your own fears, your own judgements. Hold the light energetically speaking for others to see. It only takes a small part of the population to make a change. You call it the 100th Monkey. Little by little, one by one, as people choose to relax into a less fearful way of being, instead of reacting to all the stimulus surrounding them, to see the world for what it really is, rather than a self-imposed distortion lens created out of their own fears. As they choose to face their fears and begin to feel more empowered, they will no longer feel like pawns in someone else’s game.

– You make it sound so simple.

– That is because a lot of truths are. It’s humans who make it complicated.

Catpaw, 24 September 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Question Everything!

  1. Reblogged this on I am who I am now and commented:
    YES YES and another YES!!!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on that CATPAW!

  2. I couldn´t agree with you more.
    It is indeed, the individual (and the human race in general) who make their lives more difficult. It´s possibly human nature to only want to conveniently look the other way when things are all hunky dory. It´s a shame that such attitudes or mentalities will at some stage, often end in tears. (We most likely need the experience and then one could find such a mentality to be positive.)
    Everybody will have their own “truths” which doesn´t necessarily have anything to do with reality. A person living in a hut in the valley will have a different perspective to a person living on top of the mountain of the same valley. Both “truths” are however, correct.
    I think i´ll stop rabbiting on now. Thank you for posting. 🙂 I enjoyed it.

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