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Abridged excerpt from Andino Andina

Abridged excerpt from Andino Andina, a fantasy/speculative fiction novel. Copyright Liz Rosales 2014 & 2021

The sun was low in the sky on this mild winter’s day and made the landscape glow invitingly in watercolours Turner would have begged for.

On the spur of the moment I wondered if I had enough time to walk up to the cave before dusk fell. I decided to risk it and increased my pace.

I hadn’t got far outside of town when instinct slowed me down.
Walking towards me was an extraordinarily graceful woman, her curly silvery hair in a loose bun at the nape of her neck. There was no mistaking her.

“You!” I breathed, causing a plume of steam rather than a real sound. “You!”
‘So you remember. That is good. Hello again!’
The words arrived in my head without passing through my ears, I noticed.
“How could I forget? You held out a tomb of a book to me and I couldn’t reach it, and you got the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen,” I blurted out. So I got my voice back, my inner critic remarked, but for once I ignored it completely.
“Who are you?”

The woman smiled. She is glowing, luminous like a Goddess… my inner observer registered. I’m seeing and talking to a Goddess… Really? I want to see if she is actually walking – rather than floating – towards me, but I can’t tear my eyes away from her face and those mesmerising eyes.
“Then that wasn’t just a dream then, was it?” I asked feebly.
The proposed Goddess smiled.
“Walk with me.” Her voice was rich and melodious, and pure as crystal, and that description was so inadequate I blushed at my habitual attempt to describe her in my mind for later reference.

“We are very pleased,” the woman continued. “You have done well. Outstanding.”
I said nothing. Part of me is searching for traces of sarcasm in her statement – Goddess or not – and perhaps for the other shoe to drop.
‘Benefit of the doubt,’ I hear the faintest ghost of a whisper. With a stern mental hand I sweep doubts and thoughts out of the way like crumbs off a picnic table, and bring myself to this moment. Just listen.

“We seeded this place half a millennia ago. It has done well developing on this planet where there has been so much darkness. Now the time has come for this knowledge and understanding to spread to the rest of the planet. See what ideas grow forth from it…

“Imagine a flower; first a seed, then roots. Then the leaves, buds and blooms. A seed-ball forms. When the wind blows it helps all those seeds – all with their own ‘parachutes’ – to take flight.”
She halted and swept her hand gracefully through the air where just such a seed-ball in electric blue sparkles appeared. She blew on it gently. All the individual seeds tumbled around like air sprites, delighting in their freedom and weightlessness on a journey to who knows where, carried on invisible thermals.

“The spreading of energetic intent is much the same. Your words will be the seeds of what was once our thoughts, cultivated by these people, on this timeline, over half a millennia as they made it their own.
“Delight in letting seeds take flight and let us all observe where they land. Rejoice in the ones that take root and marvel at how each one will come to be, depending on how or where it has been received, and decided to grow.
“This has been an incubated development, nourished but a little with gentle thoughts of support but with very little interference.
“The initial decision to forego the lust for war and cease to fight amongst themselves was all theirs. That observation peaked our interest for it was highly unusual. It was an interesting twist of events – especially in this part of the galaxy – and we decided to pay closer attention to how this unexpected peace affected the region. If it would allow this area to flourish. How.

“Maybe we assisted a little by distracting one or two who had the makings of a potential warlord by sending a loving maid, a supportive teacher, a validating mentor, a listening ear or a loving grandparent. By encouraging people to look for what else is possible, instead of opting for the old game of subjugation and reacting with violence. Something humanity has been prone to do throughout history.

“Either way, it is an alternative grown out of the people in this region, on this timeline, and as such native to all humans incarnate on this earth. Their understandings are in the collective consciousness and it is possible for anyone who wants to tap into, utilize, and make their own, in whatever way they wish. Humans have forgotten the process of doing that, and their inner technology has – for the most part – become dormant.”

I thought about this. “Let me recap to make sure I’m following. You are saying it is time to bring attention to this home-planet developed option, as a suggestion how to move forward? In the hope that this peaceful ideology catches on with the rest of the world on my timeline, and then sit back and watch what it makes of it?
“Is that what you do? You observe what happens, what worlds make of your seeds; if, where, and when, they develop into something more when fertilized by local minds, watered by natural progression?”
The Goddess nodded once and for a brief moment I felt like a star pupil in primary school.
“Don’t forget we also learn from you,” she smiled. A few remaining seeds drifting around above us brightened like minute supernovas as they continued to tumble through the air, buoyed perhaps in part by my warm breath. The Goddess did not cause any plumes of condensation I noticed.

I wanted to believe that even in our material world, something like this – at this point in time – could tantalize and enchant those with proverbial ‘eyes to see’ to join in and follow the blue sparkles. To dance with infinite possibilities as described by quantum physics. Infinite possibilities…

I noticed I was observing the thoughts of another collective. I could somehow see it all at the same time: the familiar gravel path crunching under my boots as we walked; with a visual overlay – mercurial gauze on a misty morning – as if screened by an invisible projector.
I had no idea my operating system was capable of handling and processing so much simultaneous input all at once, without chaos within the senses ensuing.

Had the time finally arrived to walk away from our old way of living and make way for a new way of being? A hint of excitement stirred somewhere – Would I actually get to see it – in my lifetime?
In reply to my unvoiced questions, in my mind’s eye I was already viewing something. Hundreds – then thousands – of men and a few women, on every side of conflicts, laying down their weapons and walking away instead of fighting for another man’s cause. No more state sanctioned mass murders.

I winced as confused and irate sleepers gunned down others for refusing to kill in the name of peace. Volunteers giving their lives so that others could wake up. Spirits welcoming and embracing each other as they passed over, watching and waiting for the tipping point to be reached.
The spell of lack of patriotism and threats of court-marshalling had lost their hold.
I witnessed a world wake up to the insanity of executing another for refusing to kill on command; an event known later as the Freedom Wave. Watched those previously in charge suddenly run to catch up with their former underlings. Now they were all just people returning home.

A peaceful tsunami swept over planet Earth. Like any tidal wave it claimed it’s share of sacrifice. Hundreds, then thousands of twinkling lights drifted upwards, one for each and everyone on all sides who relinquished their lives and bodies.
Though the siren was silent it was still heard. The war games had come to an end.

I felt the world tremble in horror over the barbaric ways humans over the centuries have sought to inflict pain on others and exterminate both each other and other living beings.
Everywhere, startled humans rubbed proverbial sleep out of their eyes. It was like the world was waking up from a bad dream; the emotional fog swirling as your conscious brain fumbles for bearings. The body stumbles to the bathroom or into the kitchen in search of coffee. All the while thinking ‘Gosh, did that really happen? That’s crazy! We must have been sleepwalking! I’m so grateful I’m awake now…’

A slow dawning of the realisation that we, as a species, have not questioned ourselves and our actions enough for a very long time. Especially when the eyes of the world looked the other way. Allowed ourselves to be hypnotized and herded mentally like pawns in someone else’s game.
To think of ourselves as disposable, when nothing could be further from the truth.
And in that moment of fundamental knowing of who we really are – divine eternal beings having an earthly adventure – we allowed the horrors of the past to be gently swept away by angelic helpers.
Love had prevailed, conquered all. Light had dispelled darkness with it’s presence and it was here to stay. There is no dark-switch…

The imagery faded and I was just me again, on a habitual lookout to not twist an ankle.

“Can I ask you something?” I said. “The part I never understood was why anyone would just blindly follow? They must have so many lives where their spirit was broken.”

“It has been easier to let others decide for you than to take responsibility for yourself, for your thoughts and actions. Knowing why you do the things you do will be imperative very soon.
“When large numbers of people fail to pay attention, the power dynamics become unbalanced. Allow that to remind you of your own power and to be present. And when you don’t, when individuals forget to hold themselves and others accountable, it gets out of hand in various ways. And beings in this universe really took it much further and to horrifying new depths” the Goddess said in a clear low voice that brought me back to the here and now.

“It never fails to amaze me how so many seem happy to give away their power. Would you say it’s likely to stem from subconscious memories where sticking your proverbial neck out resulted in a particularly traumatic death?”

“Perhaps. At this point in time humanity is waking up, and the truth you are approaching is that you do not wish to be ruled or controlled.
“In the new game of conscious living there will be no need to control in the old way. When humanity chooses to live with integrity and awareness of the consequences your words and actions have upon everything else, the game is over. The players go home for dinner…” She smiled at her own human style joke.

The air shimmered with pinpricks of light and my body surged as if filled with tiny bubbles where every cell in my body seemed to have it’s own pleasure experience independently. A tremble rippled through my legs making them feel momentarily weak.

Dazed I turned to look around me, 360 degrees, in what I can only describe as slow motion out of time. My body didn’t feel solid at all, more like a temporary cluster of molecules or particles held together by an invisible magnetic force I couldn’t name.
‘Or frogspawn among the reeds in a lake,’ came an amused voice I did not recognize. Did I hear that – or what?
There is one thing feeling expansive, quite another is feeling internally displaced…
Out of habit I shook my head hoping to clear whatever was slowing everything down. My physical eyes came back into focus and I looked around me.
She was gone.

“I… I didn’t catch your name…” I said, when I had pulled myself together.

Maybe Reesha would know. I started walking back. Then running.

Let us all intend peace☮️ in Ukraine, and everywhere else,
immediately, completely and permanently.

War & Grief

That fateful night, as I held the cooling body of my best friend, my heart breaking and tears streaming, the primitive part of me wanted to run out and pulp the dogs with any blunt object I could find.

Then I hear her beautifull voice saying quietly “No.  That is war on a microcosmic level.  To have peace you have to be peace.”  This statement was followed by a wave of love, and of course more tears as I knew the truth of her words.

I still fight the urge now and then, when the dogs break into one of their barking frenzies and I feel donkey-kicked in the gut, the memory still raw and vivid.
War is not the answer.  It will not solve anything.  It will not take away the pain.  It will not bring her back.  Every day I’m trying my best to honor her memory and the love we shared by being peace.

So I allow the tears to flow.  I allow myself to grieve like I have never allowed myself before.  Without time restraints, and silencing the voices in my head telling me to pull myself together;  that I should be done with it by now, and not caring what anyone else thinks.  I am aware that I am grieving also for the future moments we didn’t get to have, and the memories we never will have a chance to make.

But this I know; if we, humanity, could say no with as much integrity as Miaowser showed me, the world would become a very different place.  Because there is no aggression in her boundary, an inarguable no.  Centered, in focus, the unassailable truth.
There will be no war.
There can’t be, if we don’t want to fight.  It can not come from screaming NOOOOOO! fuelled by anger or rage.  It has to come from a No.  Period.
Sure, there will be a few young people who do go, but they will do so for their own reasons, spanning from fear, via rage to tales of glory.  And they will find their own way to lay down those weapons and say enough of this.

War was the old paradigm.  Let it go.  Let it be.  It is not the way forward.
The glorification of violence have got to stop.
Be peace.
purr Miao

Selfless acts of love (16 April 2013)

This is what I wrote after hearing about the recent bombings. I chose not to post it at the time. I changed my mind. Here it is.

earth we are all one

I admit it, I’m usually the first to look for a cover up or conspiracy when something like what recently took place in Boston occurs. What scandal needs covering up or what laws want amendment or passing on the sly? I’m not saying that someone or some organisation might not try and take advantage of the situation and try and do something dastardly for their own gains while the people is still reeling from this latest event. Don’t raise to the bait.

Let us grieve our friends, family etc in peace. In Peace. Don’t give that up or away. Don’t turn against other humans. Don’t go where rage and anger lives. Don’t listen to the media. Refuse to join in another mans cause*.

This time, at this point, when I ”look” for energetic traces I can honestly say I don’t feel any. All I Can see is a bunch of beings (or rather their souls) getting together and co-creating an event we view as deeply tragic in 3d. The intent being pulling people together and opening up hearts. It sounds like they succeeded. What I’m saying is that it was not orchestrated by some dark entity. And even if you think it was, the dark-workers ultimately serve the light too.

So don’t play into the hands of those who wants to make it about us and them. Don’t make it about some place else. It’s about souls helping other souls. Sacrificing their bodies of this incarnation to help those around them in a dramatic way, just like soldiers have laid down their lives for friends and family, sorry, their country…

Please receive it as the selfless act it was given. Allow your hearts to open and freely give and receive love in this challenging time. I repeat, Don’t make it about us and them. Make it about opening to love and each other. Us. We, One people, one planet.

People do not want war. Governments sometimes do. Guess who gets to do the fighting.

If told ”you’re not patriotic enough” don’t listen. It’s not a sin. I’m pro-peace and pro-people. Patriotism is a way of sneaky emotional blackmail riding on the ”not enough” train, a way of turning it into ”us” and ”them” again and look where that has got us? It’s a tried and tested way to get You to succumb to another’s bidding, socially accepted bully tactics.

Before you write this off as idealistic waffling I’ll tell you I questioned that too. Thus I wondered if I would have felt differently had it been at home; if it had taken place on the Isle of Wight. Or had it been at a summer music festival, killing fellow traders and visitors.

I remember well the London bombings. I was there. I remember Lockerbie, Scotland. I remember visiting Lockerbie many years later and noticing how I could still feel a rift or a kind of an echo and all the ghosts of those exiting life at that time. So many years ago and still so tangible, I felt the shift in air way before I saw the roadsign telling us where we were. The subdued under-current. Still present.

And I think my reaction would have been the same as when receiving the news yesterday. I hope I’d still feel as level and thus able to hold space for those grieving loved ones.

Please don’t get me wrong; I feel your pain if I allow myself to go there, so I don’t. That wouldn’t serve anyone. Like my friends on the other side I choose to enfold thee in my virtual arms and hold thee, in love and in light. I’ve got water-proof shoulders ❤

Don’t let anyone use this as an excuse for turning us against each other. Enough already. Don’t allow it.

Join me and many many others and wrap your love and peace around the world. And while you are at it, love the Irakis, the Egyptians, the Arabs, the Koreans etc etc too.

If you feel resistance – look at that within your self.

Love those who are trying to start another war, coz their game is up if we, the people of earth, choose it to be that way. If there is no one to fight there can be no war.

If you need an example, then read some Harry Potter. There’s a seed of darkness within us all, but what we choose to do with it is up to us, each and every one of us. There are light switches but no dark switches. Shine your light and the dark has to move on somewhere else where there is fuel or fodder for it and someone to ignite. Know why you do what you do. That is consciousness. That is progress. Ignorance breeds discontent. Love ruins their game.

I’ve spent this lifetime NOT plugged in to the mainstream reality, so I can be the emanation and a voice of peace. I hope you will never know how painful that has been and the price paid, and instead receive my gift to the world at this time.

Never just take anyone else’s truth, find your own.


Elissé, 16 April 2013.


* Another man’s cause – the Levellers

Coffee, mothers and daughters

THE SCENT of coffee so faint in the air, wafting in through the window from somewhere. In my mind I can still see the bright red garden furniture my parents used to have, the corner of the garden where they used to be placed, next to the red-current bush and the flowers in their sloping bed , all shielded from view by a hedge.

At that time the energies of that corner was soothing and calm most of the time.  No matter how hard at times, it was still life as we once knew it. The short summer months made us appreciate and the balmy evenings even more. Is the place I remember from whenever still there? It is on the map, google says so, but energetically?  Probably not. On my last visit the whole community felt dead or dying.

Now I’d like a garden you can sit in without being eaten alive… Without having to shout to be heard over the traffic and out of sight of the world and his wife.

As usual I always want what I didn’t or cannot have, be it an impossible equation or just not an option. Or the price too high to pay, but then, isn’t a few highs better than a straight line? A slow heart-beat rather than flat-lining in an emotional sense.

I always imagined that at some point, always in the future, I’d visit and we’d sit in the garden, somewhere in a garden, and have our coffees and be friends at last. Isn’t that what most daughters want with their mothers? No such luck.

I suppose I’m old enough now to technically have a grown daughter, of my heart if not my blood, but I still occasionally wish for someone to fill that role for me too.
I also wish that some day we’d got on, one day she’d accept me for who I am and not just see me as the black sheep, the replacement baby for the son they lost, the daughter she never ”got”. We cannot make people understand us, and this may be especially true for the first wave indigo adults as we really did not naturally fit the norms of what was expected of us. We broke every rule by just existing. We didn’t so much ask for understanding, just for acceptance. Love. To be heard and listened to. Guess that was in short supply. After all, it’s kind of difficult to give what you haven’t got. And even when we do, it does not necessarily live up to expectations, did it mother?

Thing is, it does not even have to be a mother. Just an older woman of companionable nature. I don’t spend much time lamenting over missing out on the whole mother-daughter thing anymore, but I think to some degree we all long for that wise & unconditional acceptance we all hope to get from someone.

So I hanker after an illusive past that I never got to have, how very constructive a way to live your life – not.

So I have instant coffee with myself (and a notepad and my favorite pen) at the kitchen table with the red bistro table cloth from France, but it just isn’t the same.

-That’s why you have cats – and dogs – little bundles of love wrapped up in lovely fur! I’m caught by surprise by this timely comment from Miaowser, who yawns before going back to sleep on the chair next to mine. Indeed Miao-Cat, indeed.

Catpaw on July 4th, 2012.

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