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Multi dimentional biscuits?

When my husbands sweet uncle David passed away just after the recent solar eclipse, I decided to bake some biscuits to bring to the wake.  My husband made a restaurant sized thermos flask of gourmet coffee to go with it.  Mourners had been bringing food during the afternoon so it seemed fitting somehow.

I hunted down a basic recepy, went shopping for ingredients and sprang into baking.  I decided to double the quantities, just in case, as I have very little experience baking and although the original said ”12 cookies” I presumed that meant supersized american ones, which I guestimated would make about 50 british sized ones, and I didn’t want to risk any embarrassement of there not being enough…

Our oven is very small, and at 12 minutes a pop… they just kept coming…  5 hours later I sat down and had some late dinner while the last cooled off.

They filled filled 3 large containers!  I wondered to myself what on earth I was going to do with them all.  I’d take one box with us, probably freeze one, but that still left 1/3.  Well, time to pick up hubby from Lola Valentinas Restaurant where he works.  I locked the door as always.  It was a quick turn around and we were back home for him to have a quick shower and change within 10-15 minutes.

As we walked through the door I could only see 2 (two) containers with biscuits.  2.  wtf?  We looked around, but there was only the two.  Hubby looks at me and asks – what did the 3rd one look like?  and as I open my mouth to answer, it drains from my memory and I close it again, swallow, and say -I don’t know.  And feel ever so stupid.

He had his shower.  I kept looking.  We took one of the remaining containers to the wake together with the coffee urn.  The other one is still here.  The third one?  Who knows.  That’s perfectly fine with me.

I half expected it to be at the family home already and someone look at me somewhat bewildered pointing out that we’d brought one over in the afternoon.  Or that it would appear on the kitchen table over night or something.

Time is a funny thing, as is paralell worlds.  Whatever happened, I hope you enjoyed the biscuits and thanx for solving the problem of what to do with them all!  x

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