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Ready for 2023

Inspired by everyone else’s planners, here are mine for 2023;

The LILAC ring binder I bought last year, hoping to recreate my catch-all from the 80s… it did not work as I could not get my mitts on insets and refills etc. It now holds bucket lists, to read, films to watch, writing ideas, projects and brain-dumps.

Last year I ended up making my own diary (pic 2) because I couldn’t find one I liked at a reasonable price. Also, they didn’t start selling planners here until late December – what’s up with that?? When I eventually found one (in late January!!) I bought it as a backup, the GREY Miniso one. It has a section to track my final daily word count/done for the day; plans, and a “paid x bill y$”.

I’m normally big on journaling but 2022 was an abysmal year, and I wrote about 1/8 of what I usually write, so I’ll continue using the same one (WHITE with a blue flower, handmade by me)

The hologram Traveller’s is what I used last year because I love the cover and made a bunch of refills for it (see pic 2) coz fun! I will continue to use it to track inks, pens, recipe development, cost to produce etc. Odd thing to do for someone who doesn’t actually like to cook, but I seem to have a knack for it nonetheless.

When the pande hit I’d just bought a beautiful, turquoise A5 Orange Circle planner – but it never got to see any real action. Days flowed into a homogenous confused soup, so I started writing a few lines each every day just to keep track of where the time went when all days looked pretty much the same. I’ve kept that up ever since. While it is supposedly refillable, I’ve never found said refills.
I got the COFFEE/black journal in Mexico City years ago so I’ll be using that as my refill this year. Last year I made my own to fit after the Cats planner I’d preordered got cancelled. Premium Paper who produces them had a break-in at their depot and all the planners were stolen (can’t make this $h!t up). I’ve seen the 2023 ones for sale in Peru and Argentina, but not in Mexico. I think their distributor may have gone bust or given up. Sad, coz I really loved that one.

The orange one is a repurposed Terry Pratchett yearbook, which I use for collecting Buddhist quotes and teachings.

The blue Sakura notebook I bought on my birthday this year because it was love at first glance. Will use as a journal or if I conceive of a book idea that feels as special to me as TimeShift.

And lastly, the Daily Planner (also from Miniso) I’ve been using since November for to-do lists, track sprints, edits etc.

While I’m not one for planning much these days, life tends to laugh out loud at me whenever I do and make certain to throw a spanner at me, I love stationery, I love fountain pens, inks, and even fine brush-pens when I can find one. There is something very sensual about writing by hand with a smooth nib, on good-quality paper. Or think on paper as I call it. One of life’s little joys and pleasures. Never may it change.

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