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Calling the ancestors

I want to ask my great grandma, who lived through the introduction of electricity, hunger strikes, semi revolution, the 1918 flu pandemic, women’s rights and suffrage, two world wars, and lost her husband to tb in 1944; not to mention the children she buried, and friends and family; how did you do that? Where did you find the strength? Did it feel as overwhelming and surreal as it does right now, and for the past months? Years?
What was your life like? How do you keep going when your tank is empty? I don’t want the ugliness to win.
Where did you and your generation find faith and hope that the future would be better?

I look forward to seeing you, I have so many questions.
The world is such an ugly place right now, perhaps it always was. I don’t want to wake up every morning feeling punched in the gut to be back in this world, wondering what horrors today will bring, and if this is the day my “luck” runs out.
I also want to share a hug. I never got to meet you, and still I miss you.



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