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Questioning move-ability

Here’s some Questions to ponder on a rainy day, when you can’t sleep, or whenever.

What i was contemplating was this – how many would move or relocate if money wasn’t an issue? Seriously, think about it. Would you?
Where would you move to? Why? Really? Be honest with yourself. How would you live?
I mean, seriously live, not “live in a mansion in some hazy I won the lottery” kind of automatic reply.

For example, if you didn’t have to think about public transport (if you don’t have a car or access to one and can’t currently afford to buy or run one), would where you’d choose to live change?
If you didn’t have to think about living within the confines of the public transport grids to get to and from work, not worry about are there being supermarkets within reach and how to get produce home after shopping.

If you are used to the constraints of limited funds being on your own or starting again, finding somewhere small enough to afford, in town, where there are possibilities for work. Let’s say transport is available, as are suitable jobs. Then what? Or should I say where?
What would be your priorities? Preferences? Criteria? What’s important to you? Would you want a town-house? Small cottage in the countryside? Would you really want to grow your own food or is it just a dream because, well, right now you can’t? A flat? A commune? Is pretty walks and nature a priority? Fresh air? Or is trendy restaurants nearby, shops and clubs more your thing? Hustle and bustle? Peace and quiet? Lots of people or solitude?

I’ve lived in so many places I never wanted to, and so few I actively chose. Ravenswood court for example, a place I really liked the look of and never saw a single place for rent. Or places you can’t move to because finding employment or even get a foot in the door would take months. And it had to be a real job, one that paid enough to pay the rent, food, bills etc.

How many would stay where they are given the opportunity to move? And not pipe-dreams. “Of course I’d go to Mexico/the states/Australia/ take your pick” Would you? Leave friends, family, all you ever known, for a new city? New country? New language? Start again in a place where you knew no one …

Photo by Rachel Moscato, "You never forget the first time you pack your life into two suitcases and a backpack".

Photo by Rachel Moscato, “You never forget the first time you pack your life into two suitcases and a backpack”.

So often I heard youngsters complain about the Isle of Wight, but how many had the guts and get up and go go elsewhere? Just a short hop away with the ferry and still too scarred to make the move.
And I’m wondering locally too; how many would move given the chance? Leave the same two bed dwelling they share with 15 family members squeezed in? Do they like living together? Or is it because it’s all they’ve known. Is it safety in numbers? Or constant company? I don’t know. Do you?

Think about it.

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