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Life and friendships

It’s been a long break from here. We moved house, and the same week my phone, computer and modem broke and took months to fix/replace. But here I am, sorry ’bout that.

I’ve come to the conclusion I want new friends. I don’t hear from the old ones very often these days and when I do we don’t seem to have much in common any more.

The thing is, I’ve run out of ideas where to look, and to just wait for new ones to show up has been a fruitless exercise so far. Where do you find conscious introverts (or ambiverts) of like mind in a place as transient as this?

Maybe there could be some kind of online friendship brokers, like there are dating sites for those looking for love? That way you knew who were interested and didn’t waste your time and precious energy on those who are too busy or “have enough” friends. Where you could tick five requirements; five deal-breakers; interests, preferences and pet-peeves or whatever.

Sure there is a lot more to friendships (be they in cyberspace or in person) than ticks in boxes on digital paper, like in all relationships there is personal chemistry for example, but it’s a start.

If you are loud and extroverted, have small children or need alcohol or coke to get through the day, I’m not a friend-match for you.

But if you are conscious, spiritual, creative and generally open-minded, enjoy deep conversations, coffee, cats and looking for new mates to hang out with…

Painting by Catpaw, aka Liz Rosales.

Painting by Catpaw, (C) Liz Rosales.

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5 thoughts on “Life and friendships

  1. I hear you love and I love your painting!!!

  2. Catpaw on said:

    Thanx hon x

  3. I have found that ever since I stopped going to work and ever since I stopped drinking, my avenue for finding new folks to be with has diminished significantly. And with all my moving over the last 2 years I’ve stretched thin my existing pool of friends. Friendship has become a new and interesting and sometimes depressing avenue of exploration (in my mind at least) recently. Not sure how to go about it – book clubs? volunteer somewhere? Being introverted keeps the options to a minimum, that’s for sure.

  4. Your post matches exactly what I experience. I’m picky and it’s hard to find other people that are similar in nature. I’m so fortunate to have found good people through the fb group that have like minds. In person it’s been a bit tougher to find for some reason. The area that I live in caters towards the material things in life and those are nice things to have available.. however… they tend to make other areas of people.. their insides.. less accessible. I have met some new people through and joined a writing group and a Women’s group. Lots of different women showing up for those. Still haven’t found many ‘friendships’ through those doors either.. YET. x

  5. Catpaw on said:

    Thank you Sue and Emily for your comments, I only just found them x

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