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Happy, happiness… what’s in a word…

Had my own small epiphany one morning a few weeks back, after feeding Miao-cat and going back to sleep…  About the true relationship between how you really choose to be happy – or not.

What occurred to me was that in my head I’d connected that to be happy meant that’s it; that’s all you get.  Extending thus to that the message transmitted back to the yet unmanifest is I’ve settled for this, this is enough for me.  Which effectively prevented me from being happy a lot of the time because I’m a work in progress!  I want more!  from my self and out of my life. Whereas being happy to me meant oh she’s happy with what she’s got, let’s move on to someone else then… 

That does not mean I’m not grateful; me and gratitude are bosom-buddies and I can generally find things to be grateful for in almost any situation.

It runs all the way back to childhood, when I believed happy people were happy because they got/get what they wanted out of their lives…  Thus they were not hungry for more..  But it does not stop there…  Not only did it mean (to my subconscious)  ”this is all I want out of life”, ”this is all I can imagine”, which again reduced to simpleton, stupid, unambitious, unimaginative and above all common…  Ignorant of me yes, judgmental check, and embarrassing to admit to.  It makes for a very cynical subconscious.

After that personal insight I feel much happier 🙂  and I have a feeling life gives you more when you are happy as well as grateful.

I like the way the spanish makes use of both feliz (happy) and contento (content) in everyday  language and thus differentiates between them.  For that reason studying other languages is very good.  You really get to re-examine your own and cross reference all you know, as words (especially prepositions) do not fit word-for-word but as an overlapping brick wall, at degrees of everything.

sunny brick-wall

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One thought on “Happy, happiness… what’s in a word…

  1. sunrise4uk on said:

    That rings a bell or two 🙂 thanks for sharing ❤

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