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Heresy & Abomination, a blogpost by John Becker

It’s been a bit quiet on the writing front lately; other ways of creative expressions for the Isla Mujeres Artists Fair had to take presidence for a few weeks, and since my chosen artist for the book cover still have not got back to me, I’ve also been experimenting with paints to see if I can diy it…. probably not!

So I thought I’d share a link to a friends blog. To me, this was HUGE. I read it and for 5 minutes was shaking all over. I knew this, and yet I dismissed it without ever trying it as a variable in the equation of me. I have started to pen the bookend piece to this, but can not quite find the words just yet. It will come, at the right time.

Until then, please enjoy ”Heresy & Abomination” by John Becker.

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