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I had a dream… together we can make a change

This time I’m going to divert from my usual topics in favour of a subject that I usually just read blogs about, namely bras.  Yes, bras, as in brassieres, the woman’s undergarment that supports her bust.   Add picture to sustain interest…!bra fit

I had an idea a couple of nights ago. It was about sizing of bras; all the different ways various countries use, that an h cup in USA is not the same as h cup in France or the UK, and all those ddddd’s makes me panic in my dyslexia…

If you, like me, shop on the internet and especially on international sites like ebay, this makes it a difficult task to search… We’re not a ”underwear shop in the nearest town” shoppers anymore, and as a busty women (by which I mean anyone over a true d cup), few even have that choice.

What I’m getting at is this; IS The World is Ready for the big RESIZE?  We as consumers and especially as bloggers have more POWER than ever before to put pressure for a reform.  Add to that social networking sites like fb google+ etc.

My idea for sizing is thus:-
34/75/+2 (formerly known as 34B in UK)
32/70/+8 (the new equivalent of 32G)
38/85/+4 (the new 38D)


Photo borrowed from

Just so simple, I’m sure you get it. The format shows it’s the new international standard, with the band size in inches/centimeters/+difference in inches (formerly a letter).
This is then ”new to everyone” (the last bit with inches instead of letters) and the inches/cm shows it is the new sizing. Then for a any country that wants to (like France and Australia) can add a local paper label until people get used to it.

Hopefully this will help the current stigma and nuisance around ”she’s a dd cup” (the gutter-press) or ”that’s not a size” (V.S. and other companies who only stock a-d) and undermines wrongly fitting (like the add inches to the band to find a ”fitting” cup size…)


What do you think? Do you buy/search for bra’s online? Are you in for promoting this change and make sizing a little bit easier and international?

If you agree, PLEASE SHARE with your friends, in social media, with an email or wherever, and help spread the word, and perhaps together we can shake it out and influence the manufacturers.  Boob equality!

For an international conversion chart:

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3 thoughts on “I had a dream… together we can make a change

  1. Violet's Knickers on said:

    Excellent post very interesting.

  2. I dunno! Countries which use the metric system would probably prefer to use centimetres and that’d be an entirely new kind of complication. Plus, I have a little secret: I get a little thrill out of freaking out the girls in the shop around me when I ask for my cup size. “That’s a size?” is such a common question, I’ve learnt to find it hilarious.

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