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Total Solar Eclipse!

Last night was an other late night, followed on from feeling wiped from the eclipse. It reminded me about the total eclipse I experienced in France 1999.

Frightening, weird and even creepy were words strewn about by others to describe the recent eclipse.

I was fortunate enough to see a total eclipse of the sun in France in 1999. We watched from a small mound right on the line of totality out on the plain.  Absolutely amazing!  It got darker and darker as we watched it sweep across the landscape, the birds and the general chirping falling silent. Like an optical illusion you sometimes see where the photographer have used a fish eye style lens. (or photoshop these days I s’pose)  you could still see daylight on each side of the band of darkness sweeping across the landscape. Only the birds and insects falling silent reminded me that it was indeed real.
I heard people giggling nervously and try to hide their fears. I remember wanting to tell them to shut up so I could listen to the earth. And I remember feeling exhilarated and very grateful for having the opportunity to experience this amazing phenomenon.

Of late I’ve come to realize just how many experiences that falls into the supernatural I’ve had , and how commonly others seem to fear those very same things. I don’t get that – it’s what fuels me! I wish I’d kept a journal of them but in the moment of each one I thought I’d never forget.

This is what feeds my spirit! What sustains my being while feeling stranded. Those incidents of contact and connection, is what I live for. Few otherworldly things scare me. I’m curious but at the same time cautious and with a healthy helping of skepticism to keep it real.

Orbs, spirits, scoutships and motherships, sleep-pods onboard ships, out of body experiences, light beings, discarnate or non-corporal entities, ghosts, fire-letters, visions, music out of nowhere and colours that have no earthly equivalent or names, inter-species communication, communicating with trees, cats, dogs etc, it’s just so Interesting!

Just save me from drunks and rowdy teens.

Catpaw on the 22 May, 2012.

Solar Eclipse in France

Photo by Luc Viatour, The moment of totality,        11 August 1999, France.


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