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Jaguars at the Gate

Last night as we were heading home from town we took the longer way around. As we drove towards the cemetery THERE THEY WERE! Like in the traditional ceremonial masks, two Jaguars with real eyes looking at me from the gates! I was fascinated, mesmerized even, as they moved ever so slowly looking right at me. I just could not believe what I was seeing, I kept blinking hard and they were still there. Jaguars are – or at least were- very important to the Mayans, but we are on a small island and to my knowledge there are none roaming about at night or we would soon hear about it. I stared open mouthed at the sleek and beautiful beings.

As we got closer ”reason” overpowered amazement. The black jaguars faded and I found myself staring at the white wrought iron scrolls that decorates the cemetery gates. But for those timeless seconds as we observed one another, the big cats of Mayan tradition were as real as the seat of the bike beneath me and the warm body of my husband in front of me.


That night, as we slept on our VERY comfortable NEW mattress I met a Guardian. He looked like an archetype;  native and wearing a traditional loin-cloth. He represented the element of fire, the colour red; energy; power; sexuality.

He stood in the doorway, or on the threshold, of the cabin I found myself in. Like a Sentinel between me and the worlds at large.

I don’t remember much of what he said apart from something about having more energy. Not sure if he was protecting just me for some reason but I did feel very safe and secure. Not just physically, I sensed he was also very knowledgeable.

The whole night was very lucid, the theme running through it all being Gods and Goddesses, Icons, amulets and traditional decorations All had a very intense feeling to them and made me wonder if they had been further infused to have their essence enhanced to a point where they felt… alive.

All in all I felt very grateful for all this magic bestowed on me. I’ve missed the feeling of having a real connection to the land and it’s Gods and Goddesses. In a way I felt more connected before I moved here. Indeed, my south and central american native roots were some of the first to make themselves felt in my heart and subsequently surface in my conscious mind also.

Catpaw on the 10 August 2009

I do not own the copyright to this one.  If you do let me know so I can give you credit.

If I knew who to credit for this photo I would add it.  It’s not mine.

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