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9 January 2012

The people in the media who ask silly questions like ”Is your dog smarter than a 4 yr old child?” should meet our cat.

When I asked an animal communicator to have a chat with her to make sure I wasn’t missing anything essential she said -My mummy is wiser because of me.

She sits behind the laptop screen looking at me patiently and expectantly with her soulful eyes, until I switch it off to give her my full attention.  First I check the solar flares tho.  Our furball is on a 6 hour delay when it comes to solar flares, but everything looks quiet on that front.

-Where those dogs barking around the back stressing you out?  Not really.

-Is everything ok with your favorite person?  I ask, this being my husband who is at work.  Miao regularly relays information when it is time to go and pick him up.  No answer.  I note the time, about 11pm.  I can’t feel anything apart from the usual stress.  -You know I can’t go and check on him at work Kit-Kit, that just isn’t done.  But I check my mobile phone is switched on and got signal.

-So what are you trying to tell me Kit-Kit?  The signal is so clear it goes straight over my reception.  Ok, so a bit of a raise in vibration to catch that is in order.

Last nights bout of awe pops into my mind;  to finally, after all these years to share not just my life but our lives with this beautiful being, to co-habit with a totally different species, to finally live with a cat.  And not just any cat but one that chose to come and live with us!  I’m still awed by that.  Signal comes into ”focus”.  – The reason you’re not working as a healer is because you’d want to make your clients your friends also and that’s not the way to go you know.  You feel lonely and here are these people who would seek you out, who you then would not want to charge.  That would work in a community [illustrative visual clip projected onto my inner screen] where everyone was taken care of and did what they were good at to contribute, but not here, not now.

-I know Kit-Kit, I’d be inclined to think finally some people on my wavelength, Be Useful so they stay around syndrome.  Fears of abandonment related I guess.  But I doubt my ethics would allow me to do that consciously, but I’m sure my sub-conscious would try to have a go.

So I need to put more attention to heal my abandonment issues and then we’ll see what shakes loose and where the pieces fall.

Had it come from anyone else I suspect it would have hurt, but the Pure Truth from your resident Cat is – The Truth.  Not the whole story but the heart of it.  I love sharing my life with this cat!

The picture of the conscious community lingers on my inner screen.  Not sure where it was from but it felt very right, none of my usual fears piped up to spoil it.  Another time-line, another place, another planet?  Who knows.  Irrelevant.

-Thank you Kit-Kit.  Love you!

-Now I’m gonna go and have dinner, she says, jumps down and wonders off to where the food in it’s bowl has by now reached room temperature.


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